Our Team


President and CEO
Alberto leads the development SureTech , dedicated to empowering SMB businesses collaboration by providing teams reliable and secure access to data and applications anytime, anywhere from any device.
His work at SureTech has provided great partnerships with customers ranging from financial services to manufacturing & distribution to non-profits and startups. Prior to SureTech Alberto developed online entertainment ranging from the immensely successful 1999 teen hub iTurf.com with Delias, Inc; to massive multiplayer games and arcade environments for Disney, ESPN and others while working with Topaz Group.
While at Topaz Group Alberto also developed technology projects for Fortune 50 clients, including Schlumberger and American Express.
Alberto works on TopazPort, a CMS application that enables multiple large scale online community websites including the international thebusinessonline.com and non profit collaboratives such as South Jersey Works, Yale Net and DwightHall.

David has been working with and programming computers since he was introduced to a Hewlett-Packard programmable calculator in junior high school. Since then he has programmed many different computers in a variety of languages (some of which are even still useful). He attended Yale University and, after graduation, went to work for what was then a small-software company in Redmond, WA. - Microsoft. In his thirteen years at Microsoft he had the opportunity to work on a variety of software projects in the Office Development Group. David held a variety of positions at Microsoft including Development Team Lead and Development Manager. After he left Microsoft, he started David McKinnis Consulting to help non-profits and small businesses use technology more effectively.

Dana Molina
VP Sales & Operations

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Dana brings a breadth of experience in management, user training, fundraising and experience with the non-profit sector to SureTech. She was the Director of Volunteer Programs for Partnerships for Parks for seven years, which included conceptualizing their content management database of over 60,000 as well as their website at itsmypark.org. Prior to that she worked as a Program Officer for the Foundation for a Civil Society encouraging civic participation initiatives like Rock the Vote in Slovakia. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Czech Republic, where she initiated computer training for teachers and introduced the user of computers for a language lab. She studied as an English major at Yale. Dana is featured here with company mascot, Catalina Evelyn Molina.

Zac Lipman
VP Solutions
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Mark is a veteran of the IT evolution that has occurred in the past 30+ years. With a career that includes hardware, software, consulting, tech support and training, Mark has seen it all. Positions at major institutions like The Blackstone Group and Oracle / BEA Systems have given Mark the chance to implement large and complex systems. While consulting, training and tech support jobs have allowed Mark to become finely attuned to what small and medium-sized businesses need and want.
Mark trained to be an English teacher at Northwestern University, only to find a home in IT by answering an ad in the Washington Post. Since then his career has included operating mainframe computers, writing Cobol code, training PC novices, performing and managing tech support teams, implementing software solutions and much more.
Mark’s strength is his ability to communicate clearly and openly (maybe it’s the English teacher in him) and to empathize with customers and get their problems solved.

Senior Engineer
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I'm a computer nerd at heart, destined to work in IT. I have a ridiculously big movie collection, love all things Japanese, and will try almost any food at least once...just don't feed me tomatoes. I also have a wife and a dog, Barney, named in honor of Neil Patrick Harris's infamous TV persona.

Zac Lipman
Dispatch Manager
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Zac is a multi-talented, fast- typing, smooth talking dispatcher with a penchant for learning new things and helping others. His background in customer service and marketing are extensive and cover a wide range. From hawking credit cards at the World Series to managing a customer service territory you will find that Zac brings unique package of problem solving, work ethic and desire to get the job done right.